“Sowing is the pathway into prosperity” 

In church today not many of us understand the law of sowing and reaping but the things of God are interpreted to us by the things that are clearly seen.  

Romans  1:20  For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are CLEARLY SEEN, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

The truth is, to learn anything in the Kingdom, God clearly teach them to us by the things that are seen. This law can be understood by looking at farmers. They sow and they are sure that they will reap their harvest. In fact the reason for sowing is because you believe you’ll reap. It is the law of the earth. We saw that this was later said that whatever a man sows he reaps. Farmers don’t look like it at the point they are sowing their seeds but wait for the harvest. It’s a law. 

We can’t understand the law of sowing and reaping without understanding what law is. 

  • Laws are operations that takes effect on any thing without any respect for that thing. 

For example, we have the law of gravity. Anything that goes up will always come down. It is a law. Most often laws will always work without your knowledge. Laws are in themselves able to work effectively without anybody’s help. Laws always yield it result. 

  • Laws answer to those that obey it because there is always a result for any law.

Laws always produce a result. No law is without a result. To get the best of any law, you must learn to obey it. It works for any man. Laws have identity and when you identify with it. You reap what it has. Rev. Busuyi said something about the Rich young ruler. When he came to Jesus about what to do to have eternal life, Jesus said that he should obey the laws of Moses and he said he has kept them from his youth. Now Rev. Busuyi said by obeying those laws he came into wealth. Why? This is because in Deuteronomy 28 laws are there and through it prosperity comes your way. This is to tell you that laws answers to those that obey it. Law gives no respect to any man except the man that obeys it.

In the next series we shall look at THE LAW OF SOWING.