“It’s important to know what you sow in order to know what to reap”

We want to look at the final expect of law sowing which is 


The truth is, what you sow is a direction towards what you will reap. Farmers are always intentional about what they sow. They don’t just sow anyhow but they know what to sow because it points to what they will reap. No man sows without an expectation hence it will be left to theft. Like I said in the other series that there are seeds you sow and reap for a month and then it dies. There are some for some years and there are some that you reap them till Jesus comes. Have you ever wondered what Abraham sow that made his blessing to span even till now? It’s because there are things to sow. We must learn to sow things that we can pass as inheritance to our children. It was said that Abraham gave all that he had to his son Isaac but he gave gifts his concubines and he sent them away. Abraham handed over blessing to Isaac and till today we are still reaping from it. 

I like to say 

  • Give yourself to God first. That’s what the Macedonia church did first because given to the Apostles. When a man gives himself to God is a seed that he will reap for life. 
  • Give your money to God. This is very important to run ministry. Your local church need your money and you need to be committed to doing it. Learn to partner with the ministry in your local church. Is a way into prosperity. You’re sowing on a good ground. 
  • Lastly, give yourself to people. This is important because you never know what any man will become. Just give people your time. It’s a seed.

In the next series we will look at THE LAW OF REAPING.