​To live in a time learn to live in a day, 

The journey of the earth is farther than what the heart can grasp, 

We either learn to live or choose to die, 

Death is not the end of the earth, 

You just might begin another one, 

The soul can journey even to ages, 

But there is a path it must learn, 

Able to see beyond the normal eyes, 

Able to walk beyond the normal feet, 

Sitted in times while ages are gone, 

Understanding the numbers beneath, 

You alone can tell, 

For what your mind has come to know, 

Is the journey your soul have come to learn, 

This journey requires nothing, 

Yet you need something to see, 

Just with much sight the heart could grab the light, 

Only to see you have gone but to come, 

Men says time has gone but you have journey to see the time,

Living the life of the begot.