I don’t know why I feel like starting this article with the word “you know” maybe there is something to know. One of the exciting part for a man is when he heard that his wife is pregnant. Though people feel it’s only women that gets excited about this, but that’s not true because men are excited too. Especially when your wife comes home to give you the good news that she can no longer keep to herself again but to run home to come tell you the news of a new life that is growing in her now. Alright, as a first time dad, you need to learn to make use of the nine months your wife will be carrying your baby. Even though you will not be able to carry it with her, you need to learn to be there for her. For she needs your extra care right now and your prayers. Even as you’re looking forward to having your baby. I understand that you’re full of excitement and looking at your wife that in the next few days or month you will become a dad! 

I’m excited writing this right now, a wonderful friend of mine just put to bed! The other excitement is to know that you’re now a dad because your wife has put to bed. This brings you to another responsibility as a father. Being a first time dad, you need to become more patient and continue in the very life of God inside of you. Responsibility is one of the good conduct of a true dad; in prayers, in admonition, in provision for the need of the home and in nurturing of your baby. But you need not to be distracted from your love for your wife, though this is common to women but learn to always maintain your love for one another. Your love life will reflect on your baby. Being a dad is more than the “dad” thing, it calls for responsibility. I employ you to read this book by Dr. Myles Munroe “THE FATHERHOOD PRINCIPLE” and the title of this article is actually a book by John fuller. It will bless you.