“If we would maintain this spirit of constant prayer, take time – and the plenty of it when we shall shut ourselves up in the secret place alone with God for nothing but prayer. -R. A. Torrey” 

In the last series, we looked at ABIDING IN HIM, we discussed on the truth that the Father desires fellowship with man. We also see that man is to make the move to meet God then God will meet man, because as we abide in Him, He abide in us. We shall continue this series by looking at alone with God. 


To be alone with is to spent time with the Lord in prayers and in the word. We must never be too crowded by our activities in the world such that we neglect being alone with God in the secret place of prayers. We must enter in there with a deep fellowship with the Lord. I remember a day I left my room for  church to pray, very early in the morning and I knelt down to pray before the Lord. I still remember the date and I felt a deep presence of God that I never want to let Him go. I don’t know how that Jacob experience was but it was like holding Jesus and saying “you’re going no where!” everyday of our lives can be lived this way to experience the Lord in quality prayer life. It’s quality because you commit your heart to God. I know you should have heard of John Knox by name, but have you heard of his son-in-law that was given to prayer? R. A. Torrey said this about him 

“John Welch counted that day a ill-spent in which seven or eight hours were not used alone with God in prayer and the study of His Word” 

Spending time in prayer and the word is such a great time with the Lord. Our fellowship with God does not end the time we stayed alone with God, the communion must continue in our heart while we take the day’s activity. During the days of Jesus, scriptures told us that Jesus went up early to pray. 
Mark  1:35 And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.

I love the way The Living Bible put it 

Mark 1:35 The next morning he was up long before daybreak and WENT OUT ALONE into the wilderness TO PRAY. 

Jesus was alone with God. He went to a solitary place alone with God. There was a time we saw that He did a all night prayer alone with God. 

Luke  6:12 And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.

It should burn in our hearts that what was Jesus looking for? What was He praying for as a man on the earth? Jesus prayer life is a study on His own for being alone with God. To be an effective minister of God, it’s good to take time to study how Jesus was alone with God. Jesus prayer life was seeking to commune with God. When we look at Jesus commitment to the Father in prayers, it will then occur to us that prayer is more than tendering our needs to God, but seeking out for fellowship with God. For we should count it all privilege to have fellowship with God. 

In the next series we shall look at IN THE SECRET PLACE WITH GOD.