“Intimacy with God, is one of the values we can place on God in order to know Him. We can’t know Him without first building intimacy with Yahweh in the secret place. -Fisayo Oluwafemi” 

In the last series we looked at IN THE SECRET PLACE WITH GOD, where we discussed on the truth that we need to be found in the secret place and also to commit our lives to it. We also shared on having encounters in the secret place of prayer with God. We shall continue in this series by looking at 


Let me share with you one of the things have come to know for some years now, that whenever I remember it. It gets the whole of my heart. It’s the relationship that Johnathan had with his father Saul. David ran for his life when Saul was after him, there to meet Jonathan. 

1 Samuel  20:1 And David fled from Naioth in Ramah, and came and said before Jonathan, What have I done? what is mine iniquity? and what is my sin before thy father, that he seeketh my life?  

20:2 And he said unto him, God forbid; thou shalt not die: behold, my father will do nothing either great or small, but that he will shew it me: and why should my father hide this thing from me? it is not so.

When you look closely at verse one. You will see that it says that “David fled from Naioth to meet Jonathan” but I expect that the first thing to do is to greet him but he never did. It was because of what was burning in his heart. Then, he disclosed it to Jonathan that his father wanted to kill him. But where we are actually going is Jonathan’s response. 

20:2 And he said unto him, GOD FORBID; thou shalt not die: BEHOLD, MY FATHER WILL DO NOTHING EITHER GREAT OR SMALL, BUT THAT HE WILL SHEW IT ME: and why should my father hide this thing from me? IT IS NOT So.

I don’t know if you see the point am about to make here. Jonathan said, My father… You see, we need to understand that God is our Father but the truth is there are many fathers that don’t have any intimacy with their children. So Jonathan said “My father will not do anything either great or small, but he will show it me” this is intimacy here. In a sense, his father was accountable to him. Jonathan was showing us here, the height of his intimacy with his father. Saying no matter the thing, great or small his father will always show it to him. Our intimacy with God can become like this. Such that the Lord will show us things no matter how great or small it is. No wonder he said at the end that “it is not so”. We can build intimacy with God by spending time with God. Spending quality time in His presence. It may even start by God dropping a little thought in our hearts and then we find it to be so. As busy as this world is, we can keep a deep intimacy with the Lord such that, God will not hide anything from us. We can enter into a deep intimacy with the Father. God is looking for friends and it can only be possible if we spend time with Him by building intimacy with Him. We can’t pray effectively without building intimacy with God. Intimacy with God in the first place will make you to be aware of God and you’ll understand very deeply that God is your father. Till you’re able to say when you have not heard a thing from Him, that “It is not!” 

In the next series, we will looked at BECOMING A FRIEND OF GOD.