“Long life is the desire of all but much more the Lord want to give Himself while you have the long life”

Everyone desire to have long life and to live in prosperity. Even though we know that the age at which people die now can not be compared to how people lived in the beginning, where you see men live as old as 300, 500, 700 and even 900. At this age we still see them give birth and still wax strong.

Looking at the statistics of death rate today and the age at which men die, it raises questions in the heart that “why is it so?”. I feel is good to see things in the light of the scriptures. It’s always important to mirror the word in your heart to have it reflect in your life.

The Lord said in the book of Psalms 91:16 WITH LONG LIFE WILL I SATISFY HIM, and shew him my salvation.

It’s good to note that God want to satisfy us with long life. Now our definition of long life is different from that of God. Long life to God means long life and He defines His own long life. God will not give you anything short of His Word. So He said to satisfy us with long life. It shows you also have to be satisfied with it.

It’s good to ask that what’s the essence of this long life that the Lord promises. In that same scripture we see the answer there. It says “…and shew him My salvation”. It’s good to declare that the essence of long life is know the salvation of the Lord. What’s the essence of having long life without being saved and then you end life in eternal condemnation. It would have been good to have a short life. But, God want to give us salvation as we have long life. Don’t just pray for long life. Pray to be saved as you live long.