“The burden of the Lord need to consume our hearts daily, till we are able to bear all that God is”

Burdens don’t just fall on people, they come through desires and then exchange takes place. Our hearts may never learn the burdens of the Lord except we learn to respond to God as they come. God’s burden can consume your heart for what your children need to be in God. You pray till the burden is lifted. You just press. There is no burden without a pressing. You press into God with deep desires. Until we learn to respond to this burden we may never grow. Growth comes by exercise. 

Burdens are not your challenges but they are heart-burn of the Lord which is to be born in the earth, which may come to place in agreement to your prayer here on earth. Prayer is the driving force to burden, it knows how to carry burdens of the Lord, when our hearts are truly burning with deep passion that God birth within us. You become used to burden such that when your soul seem weary, yet it’s ready for the Lord. Every mornings as we awake we should wake with burdens for the people of God, for the lost souls and the body to come into what God have it to be. As those burdens may come as God desires just respond.