I saw that I followed you to the cross, 

Yet it was with my sins, 

There you ended it all at the cross, 

 For where you gave up the ghost, 

I did also with you, 

I saw the Father raise you up, 

He did through the faith of the operation of God, 

But I saw that He also did that for me, 

I remember how you were in hell, 

You held my hands alongside with You, 

Not sure You l took any journey without You holding my hands, 

While I watched You won in hell, 

I saw the keys of  hell and death in Your hands, 

Then off You were to appear before the Father, 

Where He said to You to sit at His right hand, 

Till He makes Your enemy Your footstool, 

This I noticed before we appeared before the Father, 

The angels could not recognize me, 

For I look now like you, 

So the angels said among themselves, 

“That looks like the Son of God, Christ”

One said “That’s Him!” 

Then another said “he looks like Him but not Him” 

I never knew this until the angels said it, 

Then suddenly I looked at Jesus, 

There I see why the angel said I looked like You, 

This were all in my heart as I sit with you, 

At the Father’s right hand.