Proverbs  22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Prayer is part of training for your children and it is important that you teach them how to pray. Prayer is very essential in parent’s life, when your children see you praying they will desire to learn how to pray. One of the easiest way to show them how to pray is by praying before them ad practically teaching them. 

“Children learn by two means: what they see their parents do and what they hear their parents say”

When your children see you praying,  they will one day ask you the meaning of what you’re doing and then that gives you room to teach them how to pray. You may even find them kneeling beside you as you pray again in the house. 

“When children learn an act by what they see their parents do they pick it up faster and give expression to it”

You build your children how to pray when you get yourself engaged with prayer in front them. Making them to know that prayer is not difficult but rather it is an avenue where you speak to God and God speaks to you too. This will bring out a desire in them? “Dad or Mum do you mean I can hear from God?” 

Again you can teach your children how to pray by given them roles in prayers when your family gather to pray in the morning. You can use the skill of praying the word by telling them that “Junior, you will take the opening prayer tomorrow or the prayer of intercession and you will be praying from the Ephesians 3” you can just help him again by saying you’ll just search out the prayers in that chapter and we will pray on it together. When this is done often you’re building your children’s capacity in the place of prayers and praying through the word. I tell you if your children take this path they will thank God you taught them. You’ll hardly find your children praying prayers that are not scriptural. 

“Foundation is very important in children’s life it direct or set path(s) for your children”

When you build your children on the foundation of prayers,  you’re helping them build on a solid rock. Please you should encourage them no matter their first attempt, use encouraging words like “Gabriella, you did well today and I was impressed please keep it up, God bless you!” when they are encouraged like this,  they will look forward to take part in it again. Just give it a trial. 

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