“God’s word is His Word” 

I read a story that Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin said about an old woman, who was said to be missing or might be in the hospital because of the World War II in London. This was due to the fact that everyone ran to the nearest raid shelter. But, this old woman never did and when she was found, they were certainly glad to have her back in their midst. But she said “I haven’t been anywhere” this amazed the young man that asked. Then she added that while the war was on, she saw in the Bible where it was written that “God never sleeps nor slumber” she said “so I decided there was no need for both of us to stay awake” then she took her sleep while others were running around. Is God your safety place in the storm?

This story touched my heart to understand that the word of God must be taken as it is. We must learn to hold on to God’s word like our lives depends on it. For me, my prayer life is only measured by the amount of God’s word I am able to see or meditate on. For as I meditate on them, they raise a desire within to pray. So also when I see or get a revelation from God’s word. I hold on to it like is mine, even if it appears as though is not mine. I keep my eyes on it until my whole being accept it that is mine! We must learn to hold to God’s word. Is not just a written word but a life written for us to understand and come into!