Mat 1:21 and she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. 


We need to let that stick in our heart. Salvation saves us from sin. The key thought from this point is under score in the preposition from.  Let me explain the meaning of that word. From the Greek word “apo” it is a primary particle and it means “off” that is away from something near whether in the sense of a place, time or relation. Therefore it usually denotes separation, departure, cessation, completion or reversal. 

So to be saved from our sins means “saved off our sins” or “away from our sins” or “out of our sins”. This means that in salvation from our sins an actual supernatural departure took place. A real translation/movement/migration took place. It’s like taking a drowning man out of the river to the shore of safety. It also implies a real supernatural separation and break in tie/relation. An actual separation from our relation to our sins took place. The divorce was real and supernatural and actual.  So to talk about being saved and living in sin simultaneously does not make sense. Both cannot be present in a single life at the same time. Just as feeding and being hungry at the same time does not make sense or drinking water and being thirsty at the same time does not add up. We cannot be physical present in two places at the same time. It is either we are away from a place or we are in that place. It is either someone is physically alive in this world or he is physically dead. It cannot be both at the same time. 

So it is either we are in the drowning sea of our sins or we out of it. It is either we are in the realm of our sins or we out of it. It is either we are dead to sin and alive to God or we are dead to God and alive to sin.  It is either you are free from sin or you are in bondage to sin. It can’t be both. No! In salvation we were taken away out of our sins and brought into the righteousness of God. In salvation we passed from death into life. In salvation we were translated away from the kingdom of darkness and brought into the kingdom of God’s dear Son. So it is senseless and a perverted thinking to talk about salvation from our sins and license to sin at the same time. It is impossible to abide/continue or be ruled by/in Sin in order for grace to abound. It is an impossible thing to happen. It was actually the impossibility of such an existence that apostle Paul was emphasizing in Romans 6:1-2.  For when grace is received and applied and rules in an individual, it frees him from sin. In fact the grace of the lord Jesus Christ is the only antidote to sin. When grace reigns the rule of sin is terminated. Sin is such a horrible entity. It steals kills and destroys everything that is good. It makes us selfish and miserable in one way or the other. But thanks be to God that we can be saved from our sins so that we can be the kind of people God wants us to be and live the kind of life God wants us to live.


 Jesus is the savior. He is the one that carries out that work of saving us from sins. This is what God promised that Jesus was coming to do.  People are not saved from sin by their works, determination, resolution, fleshy decision not to sin, or religious rituals and ceremonies. Only Jesus wills and can save us from our sins. Notice I added will save us from our sins. This means if Jesus does not will to save you from your sin, you will never be saved from your sins no matter how much you try or will. But glory to God that not only is Jesus able to save from sins He is also very willing to carry out that work which is evident in his death for our sins.  So it is not a question of what can save us from Sin. It is a question of whom. 

An encounter with Jesus is what delivers from Sin. So if you want to be saved from sin you have to trust in the person who has the power to save you from it. So salvation from sin comes by faith in Jesus not faith in yourself.  Religion tries many things/ideas/philosophies/activities/methods/rituals/ceremonies in order to be free from sin apart from meeting Jesus Christ and having faith in Him. All those things don’t deliver from sin. 

The only person who is ordained and given by God to deliver from sin is Jesus. That is one of the reason he came. He came to deliver Man from sin. So if we are going to be free from sin there is only one way for it, we just have to trust Jesus for it. Apart from faith or trust in Jesus Christ to save you from sin, you cannot be free from sin. It is eternally impossible to be saved from sin apart from an encounter with Jesus Christ through faith. So it is either you have encountered/believed in Jesus so you are free from you sins or you have not encountered/believed in Jesus so are still in your sins. It can’t be both. In fact anyone who allows sin rule over him has not met Jesus. We cannot have two kings in one territory. By the grace of God we are going to look at the question “HOW DOES JESUS COME TO PEOPLE TODAY”. The corresponding side of this question is “HOW TO HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS” or “HOW TO MEET JESUS”. We look at it in another write up in the future.

Thank God, for salvation saves us from our sins. Hence, we are not in our sins any more. Thank God, Jesus is our savior that carries out that work in our lives. I am so glad I am saved from my sins. Aren’t you?