Not many knows what happens when they sleep, for this is always a position of rest which we need to take always. Though we hate to rest and to cease from our works, yet the Lord first practiced this and then He did also to Adam. He would have struggled with God if it was possible for him to. Maybe he would have instructed the Lord that this is the kind of woman I want, even though after the fall He still point his hand towards the Lord yet it seems no difference was made but we see a man who was committed to his wife even after the fall, neither did he divorced his wife for the fault of what happened, all because he never understood what God did while he sleep. But yet subjected all to the hope of Christ coming to save man for what treason he has done. Not to talk marriage here. But to tell you to sleep. We lose the consciousness of our pain when we sleep unless we wake up again, we tend to return to our challenges but can we always rest and see our peace deeply in God? Yes, if only we sleep! In the period of sleep we give God full control of our lives, its a time when we don’t struggle until the Lord is done and has finished His thorough work in us, where we have learn to fully submit to Him. As your mind can take this, we need to sleep or rest and not wake up and be found in in a state where God is always seen at work in our lives with no hindrance.  

This is not just to sleep on bed but this is to rest in the Lord: to rest is to have our minds stayed on the Lord so that we will see His perfect peace. Calmly look at a man that is dead and a make that is sleeping, there find you no difference, save that the man is breathing and can still make some turn at some point. But the truth is they both lost their consciousness. When we sleep, we shut out things and give in for God, rather than use our brain to walk against God’s plans. We hardly raise a fight or try to give our own opinion when we are in a sleep. Always we need to sleep so that we can take our full trust in the Lord and allow Him work His perfect work in us.