​”A true child of God does not ask merely whether certain things are commanded or certain things forbidden. He studies to know his Father’s will in all things. -R. A. Torrey”

One the deadly disease of this age is when a man want to willfully sin to God, and then he ask you where is it written not to do what he’s doing? When you can not find such, you just know within you that this guy will be justified in lies. I call it  total sense of unseriousness. If a believer is living this way then it tells that such is not after the Father’s heart but after his own will and to satisfy his own desire. This is the signs that a believer may gradually be moving back unto perdition. 

In this age and many more, this will increase because as scripture said; many will be lovers of themselves. One of the ways of loving ourselves is to choose not to obey God but to do the will of our flesh. Seeking out the will of God is important. Our level of intimacy with God must be sound to the point that even without the opening of the scriptures, we just know this is not right for me to do. Which is because God’s Spirit bears witness to you that is wrong. One of the ways to develop a seared heart is to disobey God and then justifying ourselves with scriptures that we are right or because is not written then then we feel we are still on track for God. It’s a disease that we need to bring to the cross as we come to God for help. A believer that knows God truly may not say “show me in the scriptures” even when he knows what he is being told that is wrong is not in the scriptures; he will just submit that he is wrong. Humility is submitting in obedience to the life of God and not to the will of the flesh. Don’t seek for the endorsement of men for things to be true but be guided by the Spirit of God.