I read something very painful this morning about a husband who shared his intention with his wife about attending a training for a business, in order to improve himself in the area of his dream. His wife answered in a way that could break their friendship totally in their marriage. Making the man to know that is a total waste of money to do that, maybe he should just invest more in her business, she thought. But, for me, this is not a good idea. I believe that the man was well sacrificial for her over the years but the truth is, we must learn to share in our partner’s dream. Just as you want your own dream to be achievable, your partner’s dream also can be achievable and we must learn to put the whole of our strength into it. 

I think is all good when you share in your partner’s dream, it makes you even more responsible and also make you to be the brain behind your partner’s achievements. You must do all to ensure his/her dream come to pass. Just as you will do all to make yourself better in that your dream choice, do the same for your partner. Learn not to be selfish but be kind in words and if need be that the dream could not be achievable, share the reason for it but in a very wise way and must be convincing enough and not because of your own interest. Be a dream achiever for your spouse. If everyone sees that he can not achieve his dream make your partner know that he/she can! Believe so much in your partner’s dream.