It takes special circumstances sometimes to reveal the true nature of the things that frame our reality. The School of TRUSTING GOD  is one schooling that’s simple yet one of the hardest to pass through. Albeit, pass through it we all must till TRUST is learnt. Many a times after a period of intense testing where there was grace to keep your head up, one might assume Trust has been learnt. It just takes a little, I mean “a very little” issue to knock you off that high horse and place you in learning mode again.  Haha!

Since learning is an integral part of life, I personally believe it’ll be rather presumptuous to say of one’s self “I’ve learnt to Trust God.” A better way to put it is “I’m learning to Trust God,” as its difficult to accurately rate one self here. Common sense demands one to be simple and humble about it. 

Note Please that we are all in different stages of our “Trust-Schooling” journey. Learning to Trust God I’ve come to understand is a Journey. 
Okay,  so I thought I had some part of trusting God all figured out till I started learning from Eden afresh! My daughter can stretch! She stretches so much but not once does she fear falling off my hands. In Edens eyes all I see is a quiet trust. A baby’s so innocent. They are generally oblivious to danger or any such thing, all they know is Love and all the other things that love umbrellas e. g comfort, a filled belly e. t. c. My daughter doesn’t have to grab on my shirt when I carry her for fear of falling off. She doesn’t need to struggle to do anything, all she probably does is signal her request and it’s carried out because she’s rest assured that mummy’s there. On occasions when she and Grandma have their little conflict of interest fights (I.e Eden wants to sleep or eat but Grandma wants to bathe her) as soon as I lift her up and tell her it’s okay, she’s pacified. Beyond that, there’s a look and body language she gives in that instant that depicts REST. She can Rest because Mummy’s now here! She can rest also because her “food basket” is near lol!  

I’m learning from Eden that REST can only come when you truly TRUST. 
This then brings me to my relationship with God and how I sometimes still worry and wear my self out trying to fix thing.  Instead of playing a futile “Miss Fix-it” role a more excellent way is to Trust In my Heavenly Father and Rest because He’s got my back even more than I’ve got Eden’s. One Scripture that has always answered my issues over the years is 

Proverbs 3: 5- 6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” 

I now see that Trusting God with all my heart doesn’t allow for me to fret about how things will turn out. Just like Eden, that state of Trusting wholly brings contentment, a blessed assurance, Rest! Oh! That I may indeed trust you wholly like a child oh Lord! That’s my Heart cry today.