It’s amazing how one singular event can alter totally ones perspective. I’ve not been a mother for very long, Just about three weeks but it feels loooonnngggg already! It’s been a very interesting journey, even through the inconveniences I’m reminded of the rare privilege I have and the need to make the most of it. Through the eyes of my daughter Eden I’m beginning to see certain things In a totally different light, there’s really so much to learn from these little ones,  it only takes humility to see and learn. By the way my overview of life started changing from the pregnancy phase but that’s a story for another day. I’ll be dwelling on two lessons  today, FAITH and TRUST. 

Faith is one of the most thrown around words in the church generally. Almost everyone who’s a Christian can share one thing or the other about faith but the walking experientially in it is what leaves most hanging. Okay, so I had an overview courtesy of the Faith Chapter Hebrews and other parts of scriptures but nothing prepared me for the elementary schooling of Faith I got from Eden. I tell Eden she’s a woman with Great Faith.!

My Daughter likes her sleep a lot,  but when sleeping and hunger sets in she scarcely will open her eyes to express her desire for food. She’ll sleep on but fuss from time to time giving signals that she’s hungry.  If her fussing goes unnoticed, she might cry out briefly then sleep right back. She totally believes that’s cue enough for her food basket to appear and locate her mouth! If you ignore that, she’ll open one of her eyes to see if Mummy is near then start making smacking sounds with her lips as she spirals her neck left and right in search of the food. Okay so the neck turning part is a very funny sight but that’s not all oh, she scarcely engages that with her eyes open,  she does it eyes closed!  Immediately the food basket approaches she’s quick to catch it with such tenacity and then she is content and rests. Sometimes you can catch her smiling. 

This drama got me thinking about the Fatherhood of God and my faith in receiving from Him. I realize that my daughter  doesn’t need to ask for me to know her need and minister to it, same thing with Father God but the issue many atimes is receiving. I started thinking about the ASKING FAITH and THE RECEIVING FAITH. Eden had faith enough to ask in the case of hunger but she didn’t stop there she exercised that same faith in receiving what she asked for! Kai! 

I can’t count how many times I’ve asked but gotten weary before the answer even came. I’m however learning from Eden that faith is both in asking and obtaining what’s been asked for. 

Also come to think of it,  God is a Good Father! No amount of love or goodness I display towards my child is enough to adequately express the love of Father God towards us His Children. God’s Goodness isn’t in question but my simplicity in receiving of His Goodness is. One scripture of all the many about God’s Fatherhood keeps coming to heart,

Luke 11:13 “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?”

My emphasis is the contrast between the earthly kind of Father and the Heavenly Father. A Phrase that strikes me is “How much more…?” I keep asking myself “How much more?”
When I look at Eden and feel my heart bursting with love,  I remember Abba and the question pops up again “How much more? ”

When I attend to the desires of Eden expressed or not expressed, my heart again whispers, “How much more? “