“You lead effectively when you place others first”

That a party is good is not in the name of the party but you as an individual. Party don’t make people, people make the party. 

To erect a change in our political sector we ourselves must have encounter measures of change by training 

If we can train people from the church and stand in quality leadership we will have good leaders in our nation. 

A good leader is first a servant before he becomes a leader. No leadership begins with leading, every leadership starts with first being a servant.

The secret to leadership is not in your degrees or in your age but in the check of your servanthood life 

When you submit to the training of servant leadership, you’ll not call for leadership but leadership will call for you. 

The need of the hour on leadership always requires urgency and leaders are not chosen by emergency but by preparation. 

We misplace priority of leadership by thinking of our gains and not to evoke with a ready mind to think of ourselves last. 

Character is the true existence and the life span of leadership. A leader without character is like a drum without sound. 

Therefore to stand on the ground of leadership we must have seen your track record in your secret and silent labours when you’re unknown. 

For the days of preparation often do not mean you’ll arise to be a leader some day but that you’ll definitely live as a servant to serve the people all your life.

You can either be born a leader or be made into leadership but the goal is always that you have a heart of a servant. 

Leadership have a common language which is not to arise and pursue a position in the public affair but to be engaged first in servant leadership as leadership will call for you. 

We must understand that leaders are not often called but servants are always needed, especially the ones with the trade mark of service for leadership.