“God loves people that comes to Him rather than hide” 

Not acknowledging our foolishness is the beginning of death in itself. Pride is not until you have something to show off for but when you begin to hide. When we hide, we show a true essence that we are able to save ourselves and thereby poverty sets in, for which he has taken to make us rich. Poverty as of being separated from God, rich as being having a relationship with Him. The true beauty of a believer is not in how much I know things is right on my own sense but how well the kingdom poses things to me and am able to embrace it. Even when my weakness may not attain it, enough spiritual sense opens to me how to cry for help and not to cover my sins. 

We love to cover, for it is the nature of man from the beginning when he sinned, we live right there in Eden by living with much hidings when our true reflection can not come before the Lord to show who we are. Often does God really care when we come to Him, especially showing how things are with us, but yet He truly cares and believes that we have understood something by coming to His throne to seek mercy. Mercy and prosperity is far when we hide the true works of the flesh in our lives, and try to cover the true reflection of the soul. There is much exposure can do, especially when we expose our hearts and soul to light, the Lord Himself by mercy shines His glorious light upon it, for God never shines His light for anything else but to redeem and to help man to be of Him. Only the glorious light will save man so long he learn to stay till light takes away his flirt and then replace it with God’s own righteousness.