Let me drink of the wine of your love,
To be intoxicated by it is good for me,
Early in the morning will I seek your love,
Chasing you around to fill your wine,
In the evening I get it filled up,
And in the night I drink it dry,
I am satisfied with your breast always,
Your love has captivated my heart,
Though distractions comes my way,
But your attraction repels such,
Even the wine of your love is not clear from my face,
How can I even see them now?

Baby kiss me with the many kisses of your lips,
For your love is better than the natural wine that cause many to waste,
Your wine is not to waste for me,
The taste of it has not chased me away,
Many have asked me to taste of another wine,
How can I when I am intoxicated already by yours?

They even try to force it into my heart with their subtlety,
Yet I found my way home back to you,
Give me your wine for I want to drink forever,
I am satisfied by the taste of my hand, my heart and my body,
For in your love alone will I abide.