“Obedience to interceeding for others is important, this is our true call to labour for them” 

One of the things that must move us to pray should be compassion for others. To become a praying priest we must become a people that have neglected self. We must not be a people that care about ourselves than others. We must actually learn to pray for others. I love one prayer prayed for God’s people by Ephaphras on how he laboured for them. 
Colossians  4:12 Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ, saluteth you, always LABOURING FERVENTLY FOR YOU IN PRAYERS, that ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

One thing that is important in praying for people is to learn how to labour for others in the place of prayers. For our prayers to become effective for others we must learn to labour for them when it comes to prayers. I understand that we love ourselves but we must also show love to others in prayers by labouring for people. Our prayers may not really take effect unless we are moved to labour for men in place of prayers fervently. Fervently desiring that men will change their gaze to God, fervently labouring for men to enter into a new life. Fervently desiring that they will enter into God’s plan quickly.
When in labour you don’t attend to any other thing you just concentrate on the pain of the moment. You give attention to it and then you begin to pray. I have noticed how the Lord deals with me when it comes to this about people. When the Lord brings some people to mind I quickly respond by calling them immediately or praying for them right away. I have often noticed that when such people come to mind, what they always say after I responded with prayers is “it can only take God to bring me to your mind or it can only take God to show you that” I’ve had several experiences of this and I realized that I need to respond to it. I remember when a beloved sister came to mind and I tried to reach her but I couldn’t then I reached to prayers, thereafter I sent a text to her by saying “you’ve been on my mind for some time now and when I couldn’t reach you, I just prayed for you”  and she said “it can only take God to put me in your mind, I’ve been through a lot lately” this I have seen and noticed and I also learn how to respond to. There was also a time when a friend said to pray for some people that I don’t know about who were in danger of being hijacked by terrorists, immediately he said that I just move to prayers, though in a sense I was looking at it that it was terrorists that took this ones, could almost think it is not possible for the release but I just took to prayers and then begin to pray indeed, not long they were being released one after the other, until all of them where released. I just understood that God answers prayers when we pray for others and I also learn to stop all am doing to indeed begin to pray. Labouring for others in the place of prayers could be a way of leaving what you’re doing to begin to pray for people even when it’s not so long a prayer, the thing that is always required is our obedience to prayers. Learn to respond quickly to the need of others today by labouring for them in the place of prayers.