Being in this for days now, 

Almost an enemy to all, 

Hardly can I even go out, 

The people that can endure me were my doctors, 

This I guess is because of their profession, 

I have spent all I had on this flow, 

Yet I see no change in my body, 

I have heard about the ability of one man, 

Even though I have not seen him, 

But his testimony was all around, 

Not after what anyone will say, 

I went out one day with a determination in my heart, 

That if I can touch but the hem of his garment, 

I know I’ll be made whole, 

This I mentioned not to any man, 

But all in my heart and to myself, 

I struggled with all my strength to touch him, 

But no way… 

Until I finally reached out to his garment,

Immediately my illness disappeared, 

I was rejoicing almost going home, 

When I heard “who touched me?” 

Knowing I was the one, 

I was silent for some minutes, 

Then suddenly one spoke for me, 

I thought it was all gone, 

Until the man said again “someone has touched me, 

For virtues has gone out of me!” 

I hope am not in trouble now?

This I said in my heart again,  

But I have to speak up now, 

Then I looked to him for fear, 

And I told him the truth that I touched him, 

Thus he said “Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; 

Go in peace, and be whole of thy plague, 

He didn’t even ask for money, 

For such a diseased that I had, 

I just reached out to him by faith, 

There and then my diseased disappeared, 

Now am free from all my physicians.