​”Children learn more from what they see. -Pastor Dimeji Elugbadebo”

I wrote in my ebook LEARNING TO DISCERN YOUR CHILDREN’S PATH that children are mostly moved by what they see their parents practice or do before them. You can’t expect them to love truth when you’re given to lie, that is by teaching them a thing in God’s word then disobeying it yourself. You’re confusing that child. You’re not not walking in truth. To raise a child in truth, you have to be a lover of truth. The truth of God’s word must reside in your heart and must be lived out. One of the ways to impact truth into a child’s life is to become intentional about your walk in truth. This is by doing your things according to the knowledge of God’s word. 

“Children reflect what they see their parents do.”

Children are often moved by consistency, once they see that you keep doing a thing, they tend to ask questions because by this you’re arousing the inquisitive part in them as children. When your children see that you’re the type that is giving to God’s word and prayer. They will ask you that “why do always read your Bible or why do always pray?” when you see questions like this, just know that your child is getting what you’re passing across. Children have a way of copying what they see that’s why the TV they watch have more effect in their lives than their parents that do not walk in the way of truth before them. Raising a child in the truth of God’s word is by being intentional about your children and walking with God before them.