Singing a melody in my heart and with my mouth, 
As I move to the field using my rod to hit the bushes, 

While I watch the sheep follow me for the pastures, 

We hope you’re here peacefully Sir? 

Peaceably I am come to sacrifice unto the Lord, 

Sanctify yourselves and come with me to the sacrifice, 

So I sanctified him and his sons and I called them to the sacrifice, 
His children came to me one after the other, 

Oh! Surely there is no need to waste time here today, 

For the Lord is surely with me, 

Now this is him! He’s surely our king with this height, 

That’s what we need in Israel now, 

“Look not on his countenance or on the height of his stature; 

Because I have refused him, 

For I do not see as man sees, 

For man looketh on the outward appearance, 

But I look on the heart”,  

Sorry Lord! I said, 

This I heard seven times about all his children, 

But I know the Lord sent me here and He can not lie, 

So I asked “Are here all thy children?”

There remaineth yet the youngest and he keeps the sheep, 

Send and fetch him for me, 

For we will not sit down till he come here I said, 

I’m tired but this melody is so sweet in my heart, 

For it’s such a strength I feel deep within, 

Coming with the sheep back home as I got a message from home,  

There I suddenly paused because of what I saw, 

But… This boy appeared ruddy, and without a beautiful countenance, 

“Arise, anoint him, for this is him” the Lord said to me, 

I took my horn of oil and I anointed him, 

In the midst of his brethren, 

And the spirit of the Lord came upon him, 

Going back home…

This got me thinking about the elect of the Lord, 

God must have built him and also cultured him in his way,

He must have being responding correctly to God.