Many of us should have probably heard that “you don’t prepare for wedding you prepare for marriage”. This word is actually true.

The relevance of preparing for marriage is something one may not ignore, because of the life time events it holds.

But, it will shock you that as qualified as some may be, they may not even be ready enough for marriage.

We read of the ten virgins, who were later separated by their preparation to be foolish and wise.

It was their preparation that gave them this names. They were all qualified virgins but not all qualified for the marriage, it was only five of them.

For as we see that the Lamb they wanted to marry was available and ready to pick them but it was clear that though they had the requirements as virgins.

But, they were never qualified to be married to the Lamb which in clear terms they were not ready as the marriage required more.

We must establish here that marriage always requires much more than you expected hence the need to be prepare rightly.

It’s important to say here that we must prepare for the marriage of the Lamb also else the Groom may have no time when He comes.