Partnering with the church ministry is very important, no matter how little they are. Even though you may not have much as such but your prayers goes a long way. The truth is, the church need your money aside your offering and tithe that you give to the Church. Though they are being used for assigned budget of the church in order to keep the church going. Often people feel there is no need to partner with the church in terms of money. But the truth is, the church needs your money and you need to give into the ministry of the church. We ought to be committed and excited when we see a need in the church and then we give ourselves to it. 

I know some of our Pastors may not like to talk about money so that you won’t feel somehow about it. Even some won’t talk about it because they see no need to disturb you. But most often some are overtaken by having your money than seeing you being saved. As much as the church need your money, Pastors too are after you being saved. Except for the ones who the love of money has entered their heart like Judas. Even though he was still referred to as an Apostle and being called to that office, the truth can’t be denied that he was taken by money and he ended up hanging himself for the regret of it. 

There is need for us to partner with the church, aside for saying that you’ll be blessed doing it. The truth is, in any work of the ministry we must learn to commit ourselves to them. Being blessed is not the only thing you stand to gain, you also free yourself of being lost with the love of money. The truth is when the love of money truly enters the heart, it becomes difficult to give to the Church. Sorry am not saying God. The truth is who we give the money to are Pastors but who blesses us is God. We know that as we give to the church we actually give to God. Become a partner to the work of ministry in your local church today and be committed to it rejoicingly. It’s important because as you do you’re being involved in the work of the ministry. I hope to write more about this on THE BENEFIT OF PARTNERSHIP WITH THE  WORK OF THE MINISTRY IN THE LOCAL CHURCH.