“Comparing a child with another child is not the best thing to do, what every child needs is encouragement” 

This is quite tempting to do often as parents, we tend to compare our children with another children. In homes we must try as much as possible to avoid doing that. We must understand that every children have their own several abilities. 

Matthew  25:15  And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.

As parents we should help them discover their abilities, make it known to them and walk with them by it. This is because in this parable the master understood their several abilities and he dealt with them by it. This should be our attitude towards our children in the home. 

 Let’s see some of the reasons we shouldn’t compare our children with others. 

  • Every children have their own unique abilities

“Children live their best when we recognize what they have and help them on it”

God created us all in our unique ways, where, what a child is able to do perfectly the other child finds it difficult to do, this often points to how we are as a church, where the Lord has ordained some to plant while the other waters and then God gives the increase. So we must understand that our children are unique and helping them to realize their uniqueness will be one of the best things we can do as parents for them. 

  • When we compare our children it affect them psychologically. 

“Children have a way of thinking and when we compare them with others it can affect them and make them think so low of themselves”

I have seen various people that think so low of themselves and majorly because they were compared with other children while growing up and this could have affected them psychologically. They will begin to few less of themselves that they worth nothing and they are good for nothing but when we actually help them even when we know that they are so poor, our attention to help them get better will mean a lot to them. We must always seek to do that and not to compare them. 

  • They may not give expression to their own person 

“We must ensure that our children live to give expression to the life they have been called into and not to live any other life”

When we compare our children they will not live as they should live but after what we compared them with, they will leave or not pay attention to their own person the way God has made them to be because in comparing them we have placed a life before them and they may feel maybe that’s the best person to copy right now since we approve of it. We should have them live their full potential by understanding our children. There is a life they have been called to live and if we don’t help them live it as parents we have not fully completed our work as parents. 

  • Some children may create hatred for other children 

“Children often hate what they are being compared with, especially when we keep on repeating it when they do wrong”

The very bad thing about comparing our children is that some of them will create so much hatred for that child we compare them with. When compare them we suddenly made a craven image for our children to bow down to, which is wrong. It will always make them to hate other children we compare them with because when we compare them they see a reason to forcefully take up a stature which is not theirs. Parents are to help their children grow in their own several abilities and also nurture them in it. 

  • It is unwise to compare our children 

“We show a high degree of wisdom when we don’t compare our children with others”

2 Corinthians  10:12  For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and COMPARING THEMSELVES AMONG THEMSELVES, ARE NOT WISE.

It is bad to compare our children because the Bible says it is unwise when we compare ourselves with others. We mustn’t measure our children with others. True, others may be better than our children but the best thing to do is not to compare our children with others and to help them become better in ways we can, prayerfully, training, disciplining and attention to their weaknesses. There is great wisdom in helping our children out and not comparing them. See how you can help your children today, help them with an understanding that they can be better than who they are now even in God.