Hey! You, come here! 

“Sir”, go and get me a coffee… Yes sir! 

Shuzzzz! You, come here! 

“Yes sir!” get me my newspapers, 

Come here! Where are you going? 

“am am am…” get me my glasses! 

That’s how I live in my house, 

Until one day that I was told, 

One of them was ill, 

Then I went to check him, 

When I saw him I know I can’t heal him, 

Rushing out until I found a man, 

“Please sir, my servant is ill” I said, 

“I will come and heal him.” the man said, 

“No…!” am not worthy such that I can host you under my roof, 

What I need is just one word from you, 

And by the time I get home I am sure he will be healed”

For me I understand what words are, 

Because am a man under authority,  

When I tell my servant “go!” he goes, 

Even when I say “come!” he comes, 

Whether I shout or say it silently, 

They all obey what I say, 

So sir I understand how is like…, 

The man looked at me and said, 

“I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel”

When he gave me that one word, 

I just went by it because he sent his words through me, 

There I found my servant whole again, 

Hey! Come here…!

You! Kill that goat for me!