Now let us make man in our image, 

Behold he looks like us now, 

But there remains one thing, 

Then God breathe into man, 

Man became a living soul, 

You shall bear a child, 

And you shall name him Jesus, 

Oh hear the cry of this baby to this world, 

And the child grew in wisdom and stature, 

Adam you shall not eat of that fruit, 

For in that day you take of it, 

That day you shall surely die, 

And he did eat of the tree with his wife, 

For I must do the work of Him, 

That sent me and I must do it to the end, 

For it is finished! 

But by Adam’s sin many were made sinner,

For by him death reigned to all, 

Through Christ obedience many shall be made righteous, 

For as many that will receive His grace, 

Will live in triumph over sin and death, 

Just by one man sin reigned, 

For by one man also righteousness shall reign.