Let me prepare myself for today, 

Ruth come let’s carry your dad together, 

Hurry Joshua let’s go and meet the Apostles, 

Oh! We need to make haste now, 

You know people will be many, 

John you need to help your sister on that couch, 

No! Don’t use this bed to carry your brother, 

You know he is really sick, 

You have to use a good one that will help his balance, 

“Let’s arrange our bed very well here in the street” said a woman 

Then some of the people around came to ask, 

“Why are you not going to where the Apostle are?”

The woman answered…  

“You know people are so many and it’s kind of sunny, 

I believe that this sun will bring out the Apostle’s shadow, 

And that I believe his shadow will touch my only son at least”

When they heard what she said they took to the idea and faith, 

So they all arranged they their sick folks in the street, 

Even a man who own a house in that street came out to do the same, 

“Thank God we have arranged ourselves here, 

Look at the people from the cities round about us coming” said a woman, 

When the people saw how everyone arranged themselves in the street, 

They all took the same thinking that’s how it may go, 

For as the Apostles pass by, 

His shadow healed all manner of sicknesses, 

For they were healed every one of them! 

“Eh! Thank you Jesus!”

For such was the rejoicing in the street that day.