What we see challenges us, 

Causes a distraction for us to keep looking, 

We look until we step out of faith, 

And then find ourselves on the ground of doubt, 

Never knowing how to rise up again, 

But when we learn to take a eyes of the things we see, 

And learn to put our eyes to the things we do not see, 

We create an atmosphere for God to work in our lives, 

Knowing that the things seen are made out of the things not seen, 

Then shall we the more focus more on what we see not, 

Launching into the atmosphere of God’s eyes, 

When our real world begin to appear before us, 

The spiritual things more than the physical where true realities lies, 

For this is where the real action lies, 

Getting our daily results in there and pushing to action what we see, 

Just a small hip to walk out off what we see will save us, 

This I have noted and tested to take my eyes off what I see, 

They produce in us a fear not to trust the supernatural, 

Hence we begin to fear, 

Yet we have not see God but we believe, 

We can also see things unseen and yet walk by them.