So our king made an image with gold, 

He had this decree that we should all bow and worship it, 

Which must be followed after the sound, 

All men when flat for it, 

But we knew such men that we are, 

Because to us there is but one God, 

We were brought to the king for the refusal, 

All for the word that was ahead, 

We had our hands bind, 

And we’re thrown into the furnace of fire, 

But this we were surprised about, 

We expected to be burnt, 

But we see our Lord Whom we worship, 

Come in with us in the midst of the fire, 

We were walking as free men inside the fire, 

Even our king that knew not God, 

He hastily stood up when he saw us, 

For then he asked, 

“Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire?”

We had no hurt in our bodies, 

Neither did we have our hair singed, 

Nor our coat changed or even to smell the fire, 

The presence of the Lord was with us there, 

The presence of the Lord can be seen.