​When a seed is placed in the soil for the release of the life in it, the protective outer covering has to give way for the life within to be expressed. 

Sometimes we have people in our lives that have been a protective outer covering who were there for you in the past but now the emotional attachment of the group pulls back on you expressing all that is within you. Those relationships now have a caging effect.

You will need to “break out” of it to be able to realize who you really are. What was once your protection is now the challenge to your growth. 

To break out may seem not being loyal but the truth is for each member of that group to fulfil their destinies there must be a forerunner who breaks out to enter in knowing he will later pull others in just as Joseph was with his brothers.

This is the reason why God has to push some people out of their cliques by whatever means for the sake of their destiny. Don’t look back, stop over analysing the issue but run towards the destination knowing that’s where the security of all lies.