It’s important for us that when we sense or perceive the move of God, or that God is taking us somewhere, we must learn to move with Him. It’s not important the move you’re making but it more important how you’re moving with God. Moving with God tells you’re in agreement with His ways and His counsel for your life and then you follow Him. We must understand that God is very intentional about us and we must learn to move with Him. 

When the Lord called Abraham out, one of the things the Lord said to him, is to walk with Him. God was actually looking at making him the father of many nations, through which all will blessed. God came to him with the intention of moving him from his father’s place, to a place where Abraham will reflect the move of God in his life to all. Yes, he obeyed and he moved with God as the Lord commanded. 

God has a move on the earth that He want to perform on the earth, but the call He’s bringing men to,  is to first separate a man for a while and then bring in to a point where he’s alone with Him and then approve of Him. Whenever you sense that the Lord said to move, please just move with God. We must become a people that catch up with God. Actually we can not catch up with Him, but a life of faith picks God and then keep pace with the Lord. That’s what it means to move with God.