Dr. Harold Sala shared the story of a boy and his Mathematics teacher this way. A Mathematics teacher was looking at a way to explain fraction to her pupils. So she said “Now suppose you have 6pieces of cakes at your house and you have seven people in your family. How many would each take or receive?”

A boy quickly have his hand raised up and said “each of us will have one” the teacher said “no, that’s not correct!” but the boy insisted that “oh, yes, because if there are 6pieces of cakes and seven of us, My Mother would say ‘I don’t care for any-I want each of you to have one.”

We must understand that our children speaks in large volumes the attitudes of their parents through their characters. They take it everywhere with them and how must be intentional and watch what we do before them.

Yes, there may be times when you make a huge mistake, quickly correct that before them and also tell them you’re wrong. If not, you may be confusing your children by teaching them the good thing but doing the opposite before them.