Some homes are facing some challenges that they can bearly share with anyone. The truth is challenges will always come. But, how we handle it matters a lot. Some homes right now are gunning for divorce and this will affect their homes. Most especially it will affect their children. You know, I had a discussion with a married woman and I realized that she was saying repeatedly that “I am tired of my marriage, I don’t love him again!” this broke my heart and I know where that is heading to.

It’s sad to know that the man or woman you once claimed you love is now the same person you’re saying you don’t love again. Your marriage oil is out and you need Jesus to help refill the oil of that marriage and it will look like you just married again. Your marriage can work again, because to every problem there is a solution and it’s not far from the couples themselves. Forgiving one another. Make it work by calling on God now!