Regularly listening to and getting inspired by other ministers helps you in being more effective in what you do in ministry. Iron sharpeneth iron were the words of the great and wise king Solomon. Listening to other teachers gives you a broader view of the things you may already know and it also helps in opening new thoughts in God.

Daniel understood the words of Jeremiah the prophet through reading books. However, it’s important you don’t go out and teach what is termed “second-hand revelation”. What this means is don’t just read or listen and then straight away go and teach others. 

Make the revelation yours first by studying the scriptures concerning the subject and let the HolyGhost give you the answer to all the questions raised in your own heart as you listened or read. 

Remember a solid minister is one who is able to give clear answers to the follow-up questions as a result of what he or she has taught. Your teachings may raise questions in the heart of some, particularly if it is a new thought to them. Your ability to clearly answer the follow-up questions shows who you really are. When you copy and paste you may just be creating more problems. Copy, digest and you can then paste. 

Always remember my grasp of the subject is demonstrated in my ability to answer the follow-up questions.