While walking early in the morning, 

The road was very rough, 

And then we had discouragement because of the way, 

Utterly we all begin to speak against God, 

Complaining about the bread and meat, 

We had from where we’re coming from, 

There was no thanksgiving in our mouth,

Not to talk of our hearts, 

We raged against the Lord! 

Then suddenly we saw snakes coming to us all, 

I rushed around to get some sticks, 

But this ones seems not to die, 

No matter what our hands was able to find, 

There we all again came to our Master, 

“Please, plead our case before God, 

For we have sinned!”

This we know he was good at, 

He mediate between us and God, 

There we saw him come with a snake,

A snake that was made with brass, 

Then he raised it up and said, 

“anyone that look up to this snake, 

That is made with brass shall live”

There I know that my life depends on looking up, 

But I thought within myself, 

“how can that kill this terrible snake, 

This snake that is alive without no mercy that am looking at?”

Wanted to find solution for myself, 

Not giving heed to the instructions, 

But as I encouraged myself to look up, 

Even after the snake bite me, 

This I see that I indeed live! 

Calling as many as possible,  

To also look and live, 

So as they looked at the brass snake, 

They indeed lived but some stayed in doubt, 

Considering the challenge of the snake that was before them, 

I felt but it was all simple, 

Look up and then live.