What is Light?

We shout Light!

What is Light? 

Rejoice Light!

But what is Light? 

Some say bright

Some say white

Some say pure 

Some say Sun 

Aren’t we worshipping Light

We rejoice when we see it

And moan when it leaves 

Light shouldn’t be worshipped 

But the giver should

We all miss something 

We also give Light

You ask me how 

And I say “we are Light”

We give Light with a Smile 

We give Light with Generosity 

We give Light with Kindness 

We give Light with Patience 

We give Light with Faith 

We give Light with Love 

And in all we give Light with Christ 

So as Christ 

We are Light bearers 

Our spirit with the Holy Spirit 

Bear witness to our Light 

Be a bright Light 

Be a Good Light 

Be Christ Light