Of all that was in my Master’s house, 

He left all for me to be in control of, 

But there was one that want to be in control of me, 

For when such is done I will be left to ashes I know, 

Why is this house this quiet? 

Hello! Is anybody home? 

The house was quiet still, 

It seems am the only one here, 

I took my sit to enjoy the TV, 

Until I felt a warm in my head and then my heart, 

With all fear I stood up in amused, 

Oh! Is my Master’s wife again, 

The only thing that wanted to have control of me, 

She said “lie with me” like she has always said, 

But off I go leaving my cloth to her care, 

“I have lost one before, 

I am not afraid to lose this again” so I said to myself, 

The whole story changed when my Master was back, 

Friends that’s how I got myself in this place, 

But God alone knows all things, 

For all things are naked before Him,

Though I still have my dreams intact.