“No seed multiply when it is held in the hand but they multiply when they are sown”

It’s important to note that seed sowing with our money into miniseries is important for us as believers. I know this has been wrongly abused by some folks. But, the fact that a thing is abused by people doesn’t make it ineffectual or invalid. We therefore have need to understand that sowing of seed must be intentional and should be done with understanding. Let’s see what Jesus said about seed. 

John  12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat FALL INTO THE GROUND AND DIE, IT ABIDETH ALONE: BUT IF IT DIE, IT BRINGETH FORTH MUCH FRUIT.

Even though Jesus was speaking about Himself here yet He showed us the importance of making a seed to fall to the ground because except they do. They may not bring forth much fruit. This tells that when you sow a seed it will bring forth much fruit. A seed is what generate fruits. In the link with the parable of the sower, Jesus made a clear thought on how seeds need to be sown on good ground for therein can they fall to the earth and die so that they can bring forth much fruit. This fruit, scriptures said they come in thirty fold, sixty fold and hundred fold. 

Your seed here is your money. Don’t hold your money to your hand. Use a portion of it to serve God. As good as money is, scriptures says they can develop wings and fly. But seed sown with your money to the Church will yield much fruit-more money. That you may do more. People say they will give to God when they have millions. They say the reason they can not give now is because they don’t have much. Look at that scripture closely, it never said much wheat of corn falls to the but except A WHEAT OF CORN. The principle of the kingdom of God is when you’re found faithful in little, much will be committed to you. If you can not give God when you have that little. You’ll never learn to give when you have much. It’s a law.