I will have to go out first, 

I was first formed here before you, 

Leave my heel alone! 

That was how we both came into this world,

It was such a struggle we had from the womb, 

But how come this your hair is much,  

Why is my own very little? 

So my brother asked me one day, 

This I never knew how to reply, 

Anyway that’s just my uniqueness, 

I love to hunt because I hate being lazy, 

I enjoy bringing meat home for my parents,

But one day I stayed almost all night and caught nothing, 

Was so hungry almost want to die, 

If only I can see anything to eat, 

My breathe is almost going out, 

This I said to myself, 

So I came home I saw my brother eating, 

The food was well prepared, 

I didn’t even care if my own was in the kitchen or not, 

All I cared for was how I will eat from what he’s eating, 

Whether delicious or not who cares? 

Then I asked my brother for a morsel of it, 

So he said to me “give me your birthright”  

I said in my heart that’s easy now, 

What’s birthright to the hunger am having right now, 

There we made the exchange and I went my way, 

Years has gone by when I heard dad call my name, 

He said some secret words to my ears, 

Those words took me by my feet, 

Quickly I went to fetch meat for my dad, 

To prepare it the way he loves it, 

Never knew that another ear heard us, 

Until I prepared the meat,  

There I was for my dad’s blessing as he said, 

Suddenly I was shocked when dad said I have come earlier, 

Almost going in an argument, 

There I saw my brother at work again, 

This was all painful to me, 

Not any blessing was I able to get, 

Not sure I can forgive my brother now, 

He has always struggled with me from the womb, 

He has taken my birthright, 

He has crowned that birthright with my birthright blessing too.