“Leadership becomes effective when we serve with a heart of a servant” 

Leadership is means service and a leader is a servant, only servant can serve. To be fruitful in the area of leadership we must become leaders that can sacrifice. I remember while a teenager, one of the very key thing I learn as a leader was sacrifice. I understand it and then lived by it. A man that can not sacrifice even himself is not worth to lead. Jesus gave Himself to us that we might richly become better. We can’t explore the excellency in leadership unless we have become a people that can pay the price of sacrifice. 

Leadership role need to be learn when they are not inbuilt. Some people are born leaders while some have to learn it. Even though you are born a leader, it is wisdom to still learn what leadership is. “Self” is one thing that has killed our leadership qualities. It has made even the leaders that we trust to become corrupt. When a leader has not learn to take care of self. It ruins the whole process of leadership. But, the antidote to self is sacrifice and for it to be in place in your life. You must learn to be a servant leader.