“Some of us are so eager to defend the cross that we sometimes drop it to do so. -Victor Aipho”

If care is not taken things will get worst than expected. Grace has been rendered useless by many people among us. A lot will say that when they sin, there is no need to confess their sins to God. Even your early father when you offend him, he expects you to say “I am sorry” but we sin and we are convenient in it. We need to break down and ask for mercy. We are living the elementary principles that brought us to the faith and calling the new things that is, real. Like God has changed and He’s no longer committed to His word. Hear me, God is Holy! Any man that does not do righteous is not righteous. Righteous is not by confession only. It’s also in doing. I can’t remember when last holiness was trending as a teaching among us. If we can’t hold to the faith, we won’t fight for the faith. 
Holiness is who God is, living in it reflect that you’re a child of God. Righteousness is not by confession alone, a thief can confess it. Righteousness and holiness is a life of God expressed and not just by confession. In the aim of making you see that heaven is real, we have pushed away the truth that hell is also real. Any man will go there if he does not meet the standards of heaven. No bent! The truth is, we must not be afraid of hearing the truth that bought us. Increase in congregation without proper foundation in righteousness and in holiness is just a package of dead folks saying they are serving God. No apology, when the Apostles were here, their major focus was on the word. They don’t talk much before you see the power of God. Peter never commanded Ananias to fall down and die. He just went down. Their offering were not accepted because they brought it not in truth. Discerning should not be lost in the church. Living in holiness and in righteousness is the true state that the church is ready for God. Even the Father will send Jesus to come, before we bid Him come.