I saw a write up that is trending on social media where the writer said that “your husband is always right”. The truth is, when you allow this form of knowledge to rest in your heart, you will not only create distance in your marriage but you may likely damage your home. Looking at it, quite a number of us were raised from different homes where the man always have the say or is always right and that could have form that life in you to make you feel as a man you are always right. The truth is, you’re not! 

When as the husband you structure yourself in a way that what you say is the best, what you say is always right and your wife have the less knowledge of everything but you know it all. You’ll not allow your wife to release our full potential. She will keep mute at a time when needed. She will feel less of a wife. I know some traditions and religion give room for this. But, this is not right. We must learn to give place for one another. Submission is key in marriage and not only is the woman expected to be submissive but also the man. This tells that we must learn to submit to one another’s idea and suggestions. Remember that two are always better than one.