“Man normally is not wired to reveal all to you, unless service is understood” 

A friend currently is learning something from a boss and he told me the person was not showing some secrets to him. But, I understand that what people want a times is to perceive service in a man before dashing out their secrets. Even Jesus said it that don’t dash your bread before dogs. 

Matthew  15:26  But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.

Secrets are not meant to be let out anyhow. This is because people may not make wise use of it. But, when service is perceived, the master we unveil those secrets gradually. Not only service but relationship also matter here. This happen to almost everyone. I’ve had people asking me some questions about some things but I can’t tell them the deeper part of it unless I know them and I perceive a height of service before letting out all. In fact, one of the wisdom of a boss is to hide some of those secrets and not reveal all. But, if you understand the place of service and relationship very well, to the point that you serve him willing and you get the heart of your boss. Truly, he will unveil them to you. Understand this that, you will never see the whole secret in a paper, some are in the heart of your boss that the only thing that can unlock them from your boss to you is service. People want to know all but they don’t want to serve but in service lies the secrets unveiling.