That God led you to your partner does not mean that is all. You must understand that God’s leading does not take care of your growth.

Therefore resting in this part and not growing in your fellowship with God and obeying the Lord or responding to Him will not make your relationship or marriage work.

When you stop what you do while “searching” for a partner because you’ve found one and you end your pursuit of God and responding to God.

Your relationship or marriage begins to fail. The same substance you used in hearing from God or knowing your partner is important in keeping your relationship or marriage and I am referring to your fellowship with God.

Don’t use your heart to start what you can’t end. Infact what guarantee success in your relationship or marriage is first your love for God. Getting a partner therefore is not your Ebenezer!

I know this like I know my name… As you love God more and fellowship with God more.

Something very important happens to your relationship, there is a oil that is released on it.

This oil is not an oil for ministering to people but an oil that keeps not just your relationship or marriage going.

But such that also keeps your fellowship with God that you just keep coming to God and your relationship or marriage becomes what God expects it to be.

There is no big shortcut to a successful relationship or marriage other than when the people in a relationship or marriage engage in loving the Lord and obeying Him.

Many relationships or marriages what they are suffering from is nothing but growth.

Unless both parties grow, their relationships or marriages may not work.

Therefore in keeping a sustainable relationship or marriage is to keep a consistent growth(obeying God’s commandments made available in His word) and fellowship with the Lord.

The Love Transformers