It’s always possible to meet an opposite sex that is better than your partner and consistently seeing the person may even drive your heart away a little. Thereby causing a great distraction for your relationship and marriage.

If you’re a man, you may only need to remind yourself that you are a faithful man. Your partner considered you faithful when she found you. You remember, who can find a faithful man? Proverbs 20:6. You must stir up your faithfulness and then consider the connection you have with your partner and just let go of that distraction. It will harm than the cost.

If you are a woman, you also need to remind yourself that you’re a prudent wife. Being prudent means to have the right judgment. It means you have grown in judging things and then making a choice of what is right. You need to judge that situation and then focus on your husband or partner and then you forget that distraction.

Many times it cost a lot to connect with your partner but to fall or to be distracted is just a swift step that may cost you more. Don’t get distracted by anything, not even the shape or the beauty of that lady. Don’t be moved by the money or what the guy have. Truth is, when you get close to such you will see a lot that shouldn’t have even made you to be distracted at all. Be committed to your relationship and marriage. Nothing good outside if only you look within. Your partner is good for you. Be wise!