​Everyone have a season in their lives that they will have to face their difficult times. How we face it matters a lot. Some times is quite good when you’re not fighting alone but is great when you’re in it with your partner. Bible says one shall chase a thousand and two ten thousand. Mathematically, three will chase hundred thousand. 

You need to do this 

  • Identify that difficult time 

This may be some emotional challenge that you guys are facing, or a health challenge or a challenge that is made known alone to you both. You must b able to identify it, in order to be able to face it. You must keep to mind that it is just a difficult time that will pass, because it must pass. But you will need to be strong. 

  • Make plans to fight through together 

Warren Barfield in his song said 

“love is not a fight but is something worth fighting for” 
Your relationship or marriage is worth fighting for. Maybe you both noticed that a fourth party is coming in between you both and it’s appearing as a distraction. You both may need to fight this and allow God alone and your partner to be the only three parties in your marriage or relationship. Make plans to fight it by coming together to talk about that difficult times in your marriage or relationship and also to pray. 

  • Learn to fight through with God 

Understand that God is in storm with you both and remember that, you’re with God like the three fold cord that is not easily broken. Learn to stay focus in prayer and then fight through that difficult times with the Lord and your partner. 
One thing I am sure of is that, this difficult time may not seen pleasant but the truth is, this will bring you both together and help you learn and to see your strength together through difficult times. This will matchlessly cause you both to live in the understanding of God more. Difficult times is not here to sweep you away but to bond you together and bring the best out of you, not just when things are good but also in difficult and stormy times. You matter what  keep joy flowing in your marriage or relationship. Joy is enough substance to keep you in that difficult time.