We saw that Paul said about Timothy,  he knew the scriptures from childhood and that the word of God was able to make him wise unto salvation. 

2 Timothy  3:15  AND THAT  FROM  A  CHILD THOU  HAST  KNOWN  THE  HOLY  SCRIPTURES, WHICH  ARE  ABLE  TO  MAKE  THEE  WISE  UNTO  SALVATION  through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
We see scriptures talking about how Timothy knew the Holy Scriptures from a child. It is was not that he use to have the Bible under his pillow and not read but he knew it, he could relate with the word of God.  It means he started fellowshiping with the word from a child. And you remember the Bible says to train up a child… 

Proverbs  22:6 TRAIN  UP  A  CHILD  in the way he should go: and WHEN  HE  IS  OLD, HE  WILL  NOT  DEPART  FROM  IT.
The strong word here says to train up a child and when he is old he  will not depart from it. Linking up this scriptures together we see that it will become even  when you train  yourself to know the Holy Scriptures from a this teen age you will not depart from it when you’re old and it will produce wisdom in you by reason of staying with the word of God. So this means, as you train up yourself in the word of God you’ll not depart from the path of wisdom. That’s how to keep wise through the word of God. Be blessed.